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Printable List of Jacqueline Diamond's Books

Forgotten Village Magical Mysteries

A Cat's Garden of Secrets #1 in series

Print and ebook 2024


Safe Harbor Medical Mysteries


The Case of the Questionable Quadruplet #1 in series

Print & ebook 2016


The Case of the Surly Surrogate

#2 in series

Print & ebook 2017


The Case of the Desperate Doctor

#3 in series

May 2018


The Case of the Long-Lost Lover

#4 in series

October 2019


Safe Harbor Medical Romances

(17 books)

The Would-Be Mommy 

Safe Harbor Medical, Book One


His Hired Baby 

Safe Harbor Medical, Book Two


The Holiday Triplets 

Safe Harbor Medical,  Book Three


Officer Daddy  

Safe Harbor Medical, Book Four


Falling for the Nanny 

Safe Harbor Medical, Book Five


The Surgeon's Surprise Twins

Safe Harbor Medical, Book Six


The Detective's Accidental Baby

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 7


The Baby Dilemma

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 8


The M.D.'s Secret Daughter

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 9


The Baby Jackpot

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 10


His Baby Dream

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 11


The Surprise Holiday Dad

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 12


A Baby for the Doctor

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 13


The Surprise Triplets

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 14


The Baby Bonanza

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 15


The Doctor's Accidental Family

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 16


The Would-Be Daddy

Safe Harbor Medical, Book 17

Harmony Circle (4 books)

The Family Next Door Book 1

Baby in Waiting Book 2

Million-Dollar Nanny Book 3

Doctor Daddy Book 4

Cops & Kids (3 books)

The Doctor's Little Secret  
February 2007


Daddy Protector 
May 2007


Twin Surprise  
Ebook edition 2018 

Downhome Doctors series (5)

The Police Chief's Lady
Downhome Doctors, Book 1
Ebook edition 2020

Nine-Month Surprise  
Downhome Doctors, Book 2
February 2006

A Family at Last  
Downhome Doctors, Book 3
Ebook edition 2020

Dad By Default  
Downhome Doctors, Book 4
Ebook edition 2020 

In the Doctor's Arms (formerly titled The Doctor + Four)
Downhome Doctors, Book 5
Ebook edition 2024

Doctor's Circle Medical Romances

Diagnosis: Expecting Boss's Baby  
Doctors Circle #1
Ebook edition 2022

Prescription: Marry Her Immediately The Babies of Doctors Circle #2
Ebook edition 2022 

Prognosis: A Baby? Maybe  
The Babies of Doctors Circle #3
Ebook edition 2023

More Harlequin romances

The Improperly Pregnant Princess  
March 2002 

Surprise, Doc!  You're a Daddy!  
September 2001 

The Doc's Double Delivery  
December 2001  

Excuse Me?  Whose Baby?  

Kiss a Handsome Stranger  
May 2001 

I Do!  I Do!
July 2000 

Mistletoe Daddy
Ebook edition 2018 

Assignment: Groom!   
Ebook edition 2018

Older books

A Dangerous Guy  
May 1993 


Daddy Warlock  

Reissued as The Magical

Billionaire Daddy 2023 

Flight of Magic  
September 1989


The Cinderella Dare  

February 1988 


An Unexpected Man  
Ebook edition 2023


The Dream Never Dies  
October 1984

Writing as Jacqueline Jade

A Lucky Star  

Writing as Jacqueline Topaz

Second Chance at Love (Berkley)

Golden Girl

Lucky in Love  
October 1985


Rites of Passage  
March 1985


To Have and To Hold (Berkeley)

Deeper Than Desire  
October 1984



Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances

(Better Late Romances)

Really? At Your Age?

#1 in series

Ebook original 2020


Don't Be Silly! At My Age?

#2 in series

Ebook original 2021


Going Home, At Your Age?

#3 in series

Ebook original 2022


The Secrets She Learns

#4 in series

Ebook original 2023


Regency romances


Lady in Disguise
Ebook edition  2010


The Forgetful Lady

Ebook edition  2010


Song for a Lady
Ebook edition  2011


The Day-Dreaming Lady
Ebook edition 2011


A Lady of Letters
Ebook edition 2011


A Lady's Point of View
Ebook edition 2011


Romantic Comedies


Ebook edition 2017 

Sandra and the Scoundrel  
Ebook edition 2017 

Ebook edition 2017 

Million-Dollar Mommy

Ebook edition 2017


The Bride Wore Gym Shoes

Ebook edition 2017

The Cowboy and the Shotgun Bride Ebook edition 2017

How She Married a Sheikh  

Ebook edition 2017

Formerly A Real Live Sheikh

Dear Lonely in L.A. ...
Ebook edition 2017

By Leaps and Bounds  

Ebook edition 2012


Calling All Glass Slippers

Ebook edition 2014


Cindy and the Fella

Ebook edition 2014


The Cowboy and the Heiress

Ebook edition 2013


Daddy M.D.

Ebook edition 2014


Designer Genes

Ebook edition 2013


Let's Make a Baby!  
Ebook edition 2017


More Than the Doctor Ordered

Ebook edition 2014


Old Dreams, New Dreams  

Ebook edition 2011


The Rancher's Unusual Nanny

Formerly entitled Heaven Scent

Ebook edition 2013 


Run, Run, Runaway Bride

Formerly The Runaway Bride

Ebook edition 2013

Swept Away  

Ebook edition 2011


The Trouble with Terry  

Ebook edition 2014


Unlikely Partners  

The Runaway Heiress--Book 1

Ebook edition 2012


A Warm December

Ebook edition 2010


Yours, Mine and Ours

Ebook edition 2012


Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy

Out of Her Universe

ebook original 2012


One Husband Too Many

Ebook edition 2013


Danger Music, mystery

Ebook edition 2010 


Touch Me in the Dark, mystery 

Ebook edition 2009


The Eyes of a Stranger, mystery

Ebook edition 2010


Echoes, paranormal thriller

Ebook edition 2011


Shadowlight, fantasy
Ebook edition 2010


The Ghost and Cheri

Formerly A Ghost of a Chance

Ebook edition 2012

Sheikh Surrender
Ebook edition 2018 

His Secret Son  
Ebook edition 2018 

And the Bride Vanishes
Ebook edition 2018 

The Stolen Bride  
Ebook edition 2023 

Captured by a Sheikh  
Ebook edition 2000 

The Baby Scheme 
Ebook edition 2019 

The Baby's Bodyguard  
Ebook edition 2021

Western-themed Novella

A Daddy for Her Twins. Originally published as  "Daddy Come Lately" in Paris or Bust! anthology. Standalone ebook 2023

Medical novelette


What the Doctor Didn't Tell Her

Ebook edition 2013



How to Write a Novel in One (Not-so-easy) Lesson

Ebook edition 2011


A Romance Writer's Guide to Love and Marriage

Ebook edition 2011

Harlequin Other Releases

Illegally Yours
Harlequin Forrester Square #9

The Trigger
Code Red 2005 

Tyler Brides - "The Bride's Surprise" (novella)
Anthology 2001