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One neighborhood, four love stories!

Welcome to Harmony Circle

Love and friendship bloom in a small-town neighborhood in California. Four romances trace the joys and challenges of interwoven characters, with guaranteed happy endings!

The Family Next Door. A Heartwarming Love Story. How can a young widow fall in love with the man who denied her justice? Josh was the holdout juror who set her husband’s killer free. Now he moves in next door to Diane... and sparks fly as they work together to help their feuding daughters. To order: Kindle. Nook. Kobo. iTunes. Smashwords.

Baby in Waiting. A Delightful Romantic Comedy. When businessman Oliver rents his spare room to his zany friend Brooke, he doesn’t expect to have to rescue the mother-to-be from her wildly unpredictable decisions—or for her to save him from a near-catastrophic financial move. To order: Kindle. Nook. Kobo. iTunes. Smashwords.



Million-Dollar Nanny. A Heartwarming Romantic Comedy. He’s an auto mechanic. She used to be rich and famous. Should he hire her as a nanny? Although Rafe considers Sherry a snob, he urgently needs help with his orphaned niece and nephew. Soon, her sunny spirit wins him over. But when she regains her fortune, will she vanish, taking his heart with her? To order: Kindle. Nook. Kobo. iTunes. Smashwords.

Doctor Daddy. A Medical Romance. Dr. Jane McKay longs for a baby and the right guy. That definitely isn’t Dr. Luke Van Dam, the ex-lover and single dad who joins her small-town medical practice. As friends, they share sparks and laughter, but Jane won’t risk a repeat heartbreak and Luke has a lot to learn about love. Can he earn her trust? To order: Kindle. Nook. Kobo. iTunes. Smashwords.

What the reviewers say:

“Recent contemporary books have been tired and not keeping my full attention. The Family Next Door has brought the life back and welcomed me home to Harmony Circle. The first in a series, this book starts out fresh in idea and the characters feel so alive that you could almost see them next door calling you over.”--Wereallydig.com

“Harmony Circle is a favorite place to visit and Jacqueline Diamond’s smooth story-telling made each visit a pleasure. Million-Dollar Nanny leaves a warm glow and pleasant memories to savor until the next offering from talented Jacqueline Diamond.”--Donna Zapf, Cataromance.com

“Diamond’s tale of fractured families, responsibility and romance [in Doctor Daddy] is a great story that will reach out to readers. Four stars!” —Pat Cooper, Romantic Times

Seeking more memorable romances?

A few suggestions ...




Twin Surprise. A Heartwarming Love Story. Her girlfriends bought him at a bachelor auction. Now she’s expecting twins! Scarred from a near-fatal accident, Marta Lawson is shy around men, especially handsome police sergeant Derek Reed. She has no idea he’s guarding a painful secret. To order: Kindle. Nook. Kobo. iTunes. Smashwords.

The Would-Be Mommy. A Safe Harbor Medical Romance. When journalist Ian Martin stirs up trouble with his story about a hospital welcoming abandoned babies, the roguish reporter accidentally ignites a firestorm around public relations director Jennifer Serra. Now she faces losing her heart to a baby she can’t keep, and losing her job because of a scandalous secret. To order: Kindle, Kobo, Nook, iBooks, GooglePlay or Smashwords

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