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Jacqueline Diamond's first mystery, The Eyes of a Stranger, was published in hardcover in 1987. It was followed by a Hollywood mystery, Danger Music, written while she was a TV columnist for The Associated Press. Then came half a dozen romantic suspense mysteries, followed by the riveting Safe Harbor Medical Mystery series (four books to date).  

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A strange disappearance... a shocking accusation... a doctor’s fight for the truth. 

When Dr. Eric Darcy is suspected of killing his former girlfriend, the young widowed physician teams with his PI sister-in-law to clear his name. The investigation gains even more urgency when he learns that his long-lost lover may have given birth to his child. Can Eric find out what happened to the missing woman before a murderer closes in on a daughter who might be his? Order: Kindle, Nook, Smashwords Apple  Kobo GooglePlay


A patient shares a stunning secret with Dr. Eric Darcy--and then someone murders her. Was a fourth baby, a quadruplet stolen from her many years ago? The young widowed doctor teams with his PI sister-in-law to seek the truth. An Amazon top 40 bestseller. Order for Nook, Kindle, Kobo, iTunes, Smashwords or GooglePlay

While jogging, Dr. Eric Darcy discovers a body, the father of a baby about to be born by surrogate. Determined to protect his patients--the widow and the surrogate--the doctor probes the victim's dark secrets to catch a killer.   Order for Kindle

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Two women lie dead, and Dr. Eric Darcy desperately seeks justice for them. The troubling deaths spur a quest that drives him all the way to Israel and back to his small California town—where he faces a stunning climax. Order for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, ITunes, Smashwords, GooglePlay



Someone lured a sheikh to Jenny’s doorstep and shot him dead. Then the new sheikh arrives to avenge the death of his brother. But instead of a temptress, Zahad finds a woman determined to protect herself and her five-year-old daughter. And Jenny meets a hardened warrior whose heart has never before been touched. Photo by Ljupco Smokovski.

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He’s a security expert who didn’t know he had a son... with a mother who might be a killer. But Joni and the boy are in terrible danger, and she desperately needs his help. But how will he react when he learns the truth about their son? And can he really stop whoever is closing in on Joni? Photo by CURA Photography.

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With a baby on the way and her husband dead after being accused of a crime, Linda Farley turns to an old friend for the support she desperately needs. Then, on their wedding day, the husband she still loves—but barely knows—returns to spirit her away. Can she trust his story that he was framed, and help him thwart a killer? Photo by Lisa A. Buy: Kindle. Nook,, Kobo, iTunes  


Will the dark shadows of an old house claim another victim? Young widow Sharon Mahoney moves with her 7-year-old son into an old rooming house, where she’s drawn to ex-cop Ian Fanning. But Ian, a gifted artist, is obsessed with painting the woman his grandfather murdered— who looks exactly like Sharon. Cover photos by Okanakdeniz and Scovad.

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On assignment, writer Kenny Rubin sets out to solve an old murder case that's the subject of a TV movie.  Soon she's knee-deep in suspects, bodies and tantalizing men, one of whom might be the killer. "A wonderful Hollywood mystery." -- Harriet Klausner,

Woman's image by Belphnaque.  Background image by Billy Alexander.

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Like the best of Dean Koontz's supernatural chillers.”--The Library Journal

Reporter Laura Bennett discovers that Earth is being invaded by stealth, and key people replaced by doubles. Soon, her investigation leads to buried secrets from her own past that put her at the center of this deadly crisis. Can she awaken her power in time to close the portal to destruction?

Cover image by Zacarias Pereira Da Mata

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An amulet sends her back in time... to the wrong man! On the verge of a divorce, Jana wishes to go back six years, before she met the rogue she impulsively married. Wish granted! Her heirloom pendant returns her to the past... right into the arms of, well, almost the same man. Although she knows him intimately, he has no idea who she is. Cover image by Kirill Smyslov.

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A secret military project unleashes disaster, opening our reality to a parallel world where history took a shocking turn. When an invader’s agenda touches off a firestorm, it thrusts a young woman into deadly danger. Artist Hannah Fleischer has no idea her strange perceptions result from the fact that she was born in another universe—a dark truth that may destroy everyone she cares about. Cover image by Dmitrii Kotin.

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When a psychic claims insight into a series of attacks, a reporter suspects he's behind them-- but can she prove it in time to save her young friend? Or is there someone else working behind the scenes--someone she won't suspect until it's almost too late? “A stunning climactic plot twist will electrify readers.”--Publishers Weekly.

Cover image by Wagner Novaes

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