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“Jacqueline Diamond is the heavy-hitter of the romance novel world... For over three decades, Diamond's work has filled the hours of many people with interesting plot twists and a light, airy style that is uniquely Diamond.”

--Online reviewer Marc Stern



Scoundrels in Love,

Book 1!

Who’s sleeping in my bed?

He’s an arrogant scoundrel—so why is she waking up in bed with him? Rival magazine editors Belle and Darryl wage a public battle of wits, until someone spikes the punch at a party and...oops! Now there’s a punchline: a little person due in nine months. When their secret goes viral, their clash goes nuclear. Can enemies become friends as well as co-parents? 

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Scoundrels in Love,

Book 2!

Someone stole Sandra's money! 

Now she has to marry a stranger to get it back! Sandra Duval’s late husband left her a fortune, but now it’s gone—until a handsome stranger whisks her away in a limo and offers a bold plan to save the day. It comes with a (temporary) wedding ring and his two cute children. But when they close in on the bad guy, will she really want this arrangement to end?

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Scoundrels in Love,

Book 3!

Who's kidnapping whom?

Reporter Melanie is thrilled to be snatched by Hal “The Iceman” Smothers. An interview with a hitman is exactly the boost her career needs. But he has a secret: he’s never actually killed anyone. After their secrets are revealed, there’s a whole island full of klutzy gangsters hot on their trail. “Brimming with wonderful humor.”—Romantic Times.

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        Meet a few more scoundrels (not part of series)                  


As the only doctor 

in Nowhere Junction, Texas, Mimsy Miles dreams of curing an epidemic and meeting a sexy man. Both dreams come true--with unexpected consequences.

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Opposites may attract, but they can also explode.

She's a professor-turned-

nanny with a hidden agenda. What will happen when the rancher figures out there's a phony on the range? 

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They're both in for a shock.

After a bounty hunter captures the wrong blonde, she goes under cover with him at a marriage weekend to nab a murderess. But who's really the rogue here?  

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